What is Natural Stone?

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What is Natural Stone?

September 20th, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

What is Natural Stone? Modern architecture calls for materials that are the merger of strength and aesthetics. Exterior applications such as flooring or wall paneling demand building materials that are strong enough to handle frequent usage and weather conditions. Interior applications such as kitchen/bathroom countertops and floor tiles require hard-wearing materials that are also visually…

Cost of Precast Concrete Steps

August 17th, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

Concrete steps, concrete stairs, or a precast concrete staircase makes an attractive addition to any home or office. They have become popular when people add exterior stairs for business or residential premises.  Concrete steps tend to be chosen because they’re very durable. Concrete stairs can withstand heavy traffic and exposure to harsh weather. If pouring…

How Much Does Precast Concrete Cost?

August 17th, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

How Much Does Precast Concrete Cost? Part of the planning process for any construction project is determining how much everything will cost. When you know the cost of precast concrete compared with poured-in-place concrete, you can be more accurate with your budget. Many factors can affect the cost of precast concrete, such as the type…

What is GFRC – Properties, Uses & Benefits

August 17th, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

Concrete is used in a wide range of applications. Most construction projects utilize concrete, from the walls and roofs of buildings to thick dams to mind-blowing skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa. Due to the variety of applications, many different forms of concrete have developed. These concrete forms differ vastly in terms of their physical properties,…

What is Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Different Applications, Benefits and Types

August 3rd, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

If we were to say that concrete is the most popular and common building material in the world, there wouldn’t be any argument. Concrete is the most used material in the world, second only to water.  Fiber Reinforced Concrete is among the many innovations developed to improve strength characteristics and other properties of concrete. In…

What is Precast Concrete and What Is It Used For?

August 3rd, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

} You might be astonished by the number of architectural innovations that have occurred in the last few decades. One of the most important innovations has been the use of precast concrete. If you’re a construction project manager, you know that precast concrete is something that has completely overturned the use of conventional cast-in-place concrete….

How to Lift and Move Precast Concrete Steps in 9 Simple Steps?

July 21st, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

When it comes to moving precast concrete steps, the sheer weight of them makes it an issue. Concrete steps are among the heaviest construction items that might be lifted and as well as being difficult, it’s also very time consuming.  Extreme caution is required if you don’t want to injure yourself or others around you….

What is Cast Stone and What Is It Used For?

June 23rd, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

Whatever the type of construction project, one of the fundamental choices you have to make is selecting the ideal material. Should you choose cast stone or other natural building stones? There are many to choose from, each with advantages and disadvantages. One construction material that has been in use since around 1138 is cast stone….

15 Advantages of Precast Concrete

June 23rd, 2022 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Daniel Arkin

Producing precast concrete involves casting concrete in a recyclable mold before curing it in a controlled environment and then transporting it. Precast concrete construction projects include structures like floors, walls, and concrete frames. There are many advantages to using precast concrete, which include neater working areas, reduced wastage, durability, enhanced construction safety, and many more….

When Should A Company Consider and Take Advantage of Outsourced Concrete Contract Manufacturing?

August 23rd, 2021 [rt_reading_time] mins well spentBy: Premier Precast

Outsourcing concrete product manufacturing is getting more and more common even if you yourself have the expertise to make simple concrete parts. Here are some considerations when deciding to outsource your concrete parts. Outsourcing concrete manufacturing is ideal when multiple parts are required on a repetitive basis over a sustained period of time. This rule-of-thumb…