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Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Experienced Leadership

Gary Arkin

Owner | President

In construction management since 1990
Established company in 2010

Daniel Arkin

Director of Operations

Joined company in 2019

Paul Castilonia

Chief Financial Officer

In construction accounting since 1998
Joined company in 2016

Gosia Gajownik

Chief Revenue Officer

In construction since 2008
Joined company in 2014

Phil Paul

Chief Operations Officer

In cast stone since 1995
Joined company in 2005


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APA Certification

APA certified precast plantPrecast Concrete can be made by anyone, however, just as in cast stone, there is standardization of precast concrete, and since we are the only standards compliant “Cast Stone” manufacturer in Florida, we are the only certified “Precast” AND “Cast Stone” manufacturer in florida.

Premier Precast is a certified Architectural Precast Association (APA) certification status. APA certification requires that we have qualified concrete batch plant operators, Class I & II Quality Control staff, pass rigorous standards, and comply with unannounced inspections twice a year. For more details please visit the APA certification page.

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Dedicated Project Management

Premier Precast assigns a Project Manager to every project whose sole purpose is complete customer satisfaction by providing a single point-of-contact and bridging the gap between you, our customer, and sales, manufacturing and installation. This unique emphasis on project management within the cast stone industry allows us to focus on your priorities: quality, schedule and budget. The Project Manager focuses on the efficient preparation, submittal and approval of shop drawings, color and texture samples and, if required, connections engineering and mock-ups. The Project Manager then remains connected with the project after turnover to our in-house supervision team to maximize the effectiveness of field to office communications during manufacturing and installation through to successful project completion.

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In-House Project Supervision

OSHA trained staffPremier Precast has an experienced and industry-leading in-house staff of 30 hour OSHA trained Project Supervisors that are assigned to your project from the day of contract. In addition to the participation of the Project Manager, the Project Supervisors monitor the progress of the project, ensure the accuracy and sufficiency of the material for the project and oversee the quality and safety of the installation. Unlike most other cast stone companies that do not invest in project supervision and, instead, rely on working leads from their subcontracted labor force, your Project Supervisor is completely focused on the needs of our customers and are the critical element to making sure your project is completed on schedule and with great quality. They are the difference in finishing strong!

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Financial Strength with Secure Bonding Line

Bonded cast stone manufacture Nielson HooverPremier Precast is a financially strong and profitable company with a bonding capacity of $6 million aggregate and $3 million per project with a sub-2% bond rate. As necessary, this bonding line can be expanded. Since we are the region’s only cast stone company with a bonding line based on the strength of our operations and financial statements, we do not need to bond through other companies or rely on obtaining bonding via outside investors. We are proud to be represented by Nielson & Hoover, the most respected bonding agent in the industry.

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Quality Control Focused Manufacturing

Premier Precast is the only cast stone company to provide an independent Quality Control Department that is responsible for ensuring all of our manufactured products meet our strict quality standards. Quality control checks occur during mold preparation, before production is authorized and, again, during the finishing stages. No product leaves our factory without being compared to the color and finish sample approved and signed by our customer.

To ensure impartiality, the Quality Control Department answers to the owner, not the factory management team. These built-in checks and balances are the backbone of our national award-winning reputation for integrity and excellence.

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Expert Craftsmen and High-Quality Molds

We believe that molds are the most critical element to manufacturing a high-quality product and a celebrated group of expert craftsman make up the Premier Precast mold department. We invest considerable time and resources into creating molds that produce the desired architectural effect. We embrace old world craftsmanship with a full-time industry-recognized master carver on staff. We then manufacture molds in our on-site mold studio using a variety of mediums: foam, plaster, rubber, clay, fiberglass, concrete, PVC and many others. Because design development never remains static, we allocate significant resources to the R&D of molds and high-quality finishes.

Our craftsmen have earned multiple industry awards.

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Custom Designs Collaboration

Our in-house architectural department collaborates with the artisans in our mold studio and factory to create cast stone elements of any imaginable design. They can take a photo, drawing, CAD design, sample or other design source and bring your creative ideas to life! Anchored by vast years of experience, the Premier Precast team can help you make a sophisticated architectural statement while taking advantage of all value engineering opportunities. Just ask your sales representative for assistance!

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Exacting Safety Standards

At Premier Precast, safety is a commitment made from the very top of the organization. Each Project Supervisor has completed the OSHA 30-Hour Safety class. We have developed an OSHA-approved Project Safety Manual and conduct weekly Tool Box Talks. We are committed participants in the ABC STEP safety program. On a semi-annual basis, our liability insurance company conducts safety audits to ensure that Premier Precast never becomes complacent about safety. We care about the safety and welfare of our employees and contractors.

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Competitive Pricing and Sophisticated Cost Accounting

Our sophisticated cost accounting system enables us to price projects with tremendous accuracy, allowing us to be financially competitive. We have a keen understanding of the metrics upon which our industry is based. As a result, Premier Precast is able to stand behind its proposals with confidence so that you won’t be overwhelmed with change orders to overcome the types of irresponsible bids that have historically plagued the cast stone industry.

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Full Masonry Services

Providing all of your “on scaffold” finish masonry products allows you to contract with ONE financially responsible and professionally qualified company rather than having to piecemeal scopes among various contractors. This consolidation of services is a significant administrative savings for you because you will only have to deal with one contractor, one set of insurance certificates, one license and one invoice.

In addition to cast stone, we also supply and install a wide range of natural stone architectural products. We partner with local, national and international stone suppliers to provide and install quality coral, limestone and other products from Florida, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and beyond.

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