Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Companies frequently require concrete products as part of an assembly or as an integral part of their product and services line-up. For instance, did you know that there is a precast counterweight in every washing machine produced? Those same companies usually are not in the concrete manufacturing business and must outsource the manufacturing of these concrete parts to a contract manufacturer whose core business is concrete manufacturing. Precast concrete companies with the capability to produce outsourced concrete parts are known as concrete contract manufacturers.

Yet, not many precast companies have the versatility and capability to be concrete contract manufacturers. The vast majority of the precast plants certified by APA and PCI focus on high volume precast elements both in terms of size and quantity. Contract manufacturing, with typically smaller products, does not fit into their business model. And, yet, unfortunately, most plants that are properly sized to handle contract manufacturing are not certified by the Cast Stone Institute, the APA or PCI.

As a result, Premier Precast has established itself as one of the nation’s leading precast concrete contract manufacturers. Due to large investments in mold production capabilities, state-of-the art concrete manufacturing systems and production control methodologies, Premier Precast is sought after by companies looking for a USA-based third party contract manufacturer skilled in producing high quality and quantity concrete parts consistently and on-time.

As a complement to being a cast stone manufacturer,  Premier Precast currently has several subcontract manufacturing arrangements to produce high quality concrete products that range in weight from a few ounces to over one ton.

Examples of some of our concrete manufactured parts include:

  • post tension plugs

    Post-Tension Plugs

    Plugs designed to provide a water-tight solution for filling the pocket created to tension and trim post-tension cables.

  • e-concrete seawall

    Sea Wall Panels

    Sea wall panels, sub-surface erosion control elements and above-ground eco walls designed to promote sea life and plant growth by reducing the ecological footprint of concrete with blue-green concrete elements.

  • Umbrella Bases

    Umbrella Bases

    Custom shaped weights to help keep pool and hospitality umbrellas from blowing away in the wind.

  • concrete generator pads contract manufacturing

    Generator and Equipment Pads

    Engineered concrete pads for generators, air-conditioning equipment, electrical cabinets and other types of exterior ground located equipment.

  • We make concrete curbs for sports fields

    Concrete Curbs for Athletic Fields

    Plant produced curbs used to delineate the edge and elevation of athletic fields for a wide variety of sports including football, soccer and baseball.


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