Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Panels

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Panels

Designers often face the dilemma between designing large and complex shapes and the practical size and weight limitations associated with installing those designs. Premier’s GFRC panels offer the solution. A GFRC panel is a thin-wall alternative to cast stone, allowing precast concrete products to be manufactured with significantly lighter weight without sacrificing strength or performance.

Premier Precast – GFRC Wall Panels We Offer

Premier Precast has pre-mix and concentric glass fiber reinforced concrete stations for manufacturing complex and challenging architectural concrete shapes.

We produce non-panelized GFRC architectural elements, which means that the shapes do not require the addition of metal framing for structural stability and attachment to the structure. Our in-house Architectural Precast Association (APA) certified GFRC production crew produces most products on our premises.

We continually evaluate cost, complexity, and safety to advise clients when elements are better produced in GFRC vs. cast stone. Manufacturing products using cutting-edge technologies like GFRC exemplifies how Premier Precast fuses the latest technology with architectural design to deliver total customer satisfaction.

What Is GFRC?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, polymer, and alkali-resistant glass fibers. This unique mixture obtains its strength from chopped fiberglass strands that allow products to be manufactured with thin walls without needing reinforcing bars.

Because a glass fiber reinforced concrete product has thin walls, far less concrete is required than if the same profile is cast solid. This results in an end product with lightweight and a more efficient and cost-effective installation.

Why Use GFRC Panels?

  • Lightweight properties make it ideal for large applications 
  • Can match all the regular cast stone colors and textures
  • Saves materials, time, and money, because there is no need to support the heavyweight of precast stone panels.
  • Easy to handle during manufacturing and installation, enhancing efficiency, reducing breakage, and increasing safety
  • Unlimited diversity of design options
  • GFRC delivers a high-quality product with superior strength!


  • GFRC panels are an excellent choice for a variety of industries such as architecture, engineering, defense, and building restoration. They are strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to work with.
  • GFRC panels are fire-resistant and non-combustible, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or high-rise buildings where fire safety is a concern.
  • Also, they are 100% recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly option. 
  • Еxcellent choice if you need a strong, lightweight, fire-resistant, and recyclable material.

Types of GFRC Panels

There are two main types of glass fiber reinforced concrete panels: panelized and non-panelized.

Panelized GFRC panels

  • These glass fiber reinforced concrete panels are made up of individual pieces connected together to form a larger panel.
  • Panelized GFRC panels are generally stronger and more durable than non-panelized panels. They are also easier to install since the individual pieces can fit together like a puzzle.
  • However, they are also more expensive than their non-panelized counterparts.

Non-panelized GFRC panels

  • Non-panelized GFRC is a type of single-piece glass fiber reinforced concrete that is sprayed or cast onto a surface to create a thin, strong layer. This makes it ideal for applications where a smooth, even finish is desired.
  • They are less expensive than panelized panels, but they are not as strong.
  • Non-panelized GFRC has widespread use in architectural precast exterior cladding, adornments and. It is also used to create sculptural elements and architectural details.

Why Use Premier Precast to Source GFRC for Your Project?

Premier Precast enjoys a strategic partnership with GFRC Cladding, located in Dallas, Texas. GFRC Cladding is the leading producer of panelized GFRC and excels at designing, engineering, and producing complicated GFRC assemblies requiring integral metal framing.

Our in-house installation and welding crew handle the installation for a complete turnkey solution for clients.

Premier Precast can custom design non-panelized and panelized GFRC applications such as large-format cornices and large precast panels that often incorporate intricate detailing.

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