Precast Concrete Stairs

Precast Concrete Stairs and Steps

Our extensive experience with a vast array of custom precast concrete products allows us to manufacture precast stairs that create a safe and attractive entrance for any building.

We are committed to building concrete steps to the highest standards, expertly designed and engineered, and exceeding all APA and PCI quality requirements.

Precast stairs provide a high-strength concrete solution for general and shell contractors looking for a more economical approach to include a precast concrete step structure within budget and ready to use.

Precast concrete steps allow for a faster install while ensuring rise and run accuracy by using customizable prefabricated steel forms. And, closed risers allow for a safe pedestrian environment.

What Are Precast Concrete Steps?

Precast Stairs Ready to Deliver
Precast concrete steps are a type of construction material used in residential and commercial settings. As the name suggests, precast concrete steps are manufactured in a factory setting before being transported to the job site.


In addition to their durability, precast concrete steps are versatile and can be customized to meet specific project needs.

For example, precast concrete steps can be made in a variety of colors and finishes and include handrails, treads, and other features as required.

As a result, precast concrete steps offer an ideal solution for any application where high-quality steps are needed.


Precast Stairs Lifted with Forklift Once in place, the steps can provide a durable and long-lasting solution for everything from office buildings to homes. Precast steps are often used in commercial and industrial settings.

In many cases, precast concrete steps are used in conjunction with other precast concrete products, such as wall panels or beams, to create a complete structure.

Off-site manufactured concrete steps are also used in some residential settings, especially where the natural landscape makes it challenging to install poured concrete stairs.

Types of Precast Concrete Stairs that Premier Precast Offer

Premier Precast uses its own molds to produce customizable precast stairs to solve the varying needs of general and shell contractors on projects.

All our precast concrete step designs are supported with detailed and engineered shop drawings to speed up the installation process.


These can be cast into the flight of stairs or shipped separately depending upon the design.


These can be integrated or shipped separately. Each set of precast steps is engineered to be totally adjustable. The angle of the landing can adjust to the angle of any flight of stairs. Our manufacturing process allows us to produce landings as long as eight feet and as deep as five feet, suitable for any building.

Treads and risers

These elements can be customized to meet the dimensional requirements of each space. Our unique architectural precast experience allows us to custom manufacture various finishes and textures. Also, our stairs can be as long as 22 risers, and each riser can range from 6-1/4” to 7”.

Custom options include paint grade, exposed aggregate, scored grip lines, custom groove details, embedded nosings, and blockouts for tread inserts.

Why use Premier Precast to Source Precast Concrete Stairs for Your Project?

Premier Precast offers a wide variety of options for precast concrete stairs, all of which are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. In addition to our standard stair designs, we can also create custom stairs to match your specific project requirements.

Our team is highly experienced in the industry and understands the need to provide clients with products that meet their specific needs, whether for a new home build or commercial building.

Why do architects and contractors hire us? Because we provide:

  • Quality controlled in-house manufactured precast concrete steps
  • Superior quality, durable, aesthetically appealing entrance and access designs
  • Custom dimensions as required: lengths, widths, depths, suitable for all installation scenarios
  • Industry-leading step manufacturing technology
  • Unwavering commitment to providing customers with services and products that enhance projects
  • Our exacting safety standards ensure beautiful end products

Contact Premier Precast today for more information or a free estimate for your precast concrete stairs!

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