Precast Concrete vs Cast-in-Place Concrete – Complete Comparison

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Precast Concrete vs Cast-in-Place Concrete – Complete Comparison

November 23rd, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Most people are familiar with concrete. However, what people don’t know is that there are many different types of concrete and many different ways in which concrete can be used. Two of these commonly used types based on casting methods are precast concrete and cast-in-place concrete. Most people are unaware of these two types of…

15 Advantages of Precast Concrete Stairs & Steps

November 23rd, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

It is without a doubt that stairs can be difficult to build. This is why most construction companies tend to use precast concrete products. There are a lot of benefits and advantages of precast concrete, including ease of use, reduced labor costs, and it also saves time. So, if you are thinking of choosing precast…

How Long Does Concrete Last – Precast Concrete Lifespan

November 23rd, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Concrete is typically believed to last forever. While they may have ancient durability, their life spans do not usually exceed 100 years. Getting accustomed to the lifespan of your concrete is highly advised by professionals and can save you a lot of damage in the long run. Architects mostly recognise concrete as a stone-like, homogeneous…

Precast Concrete Durability – How Strong Is It?

November 23rd, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Precast concrete is renowned for its advantages over other construction methods, mainly site-poured concrete. Some of these advantages include its ease of use, cost-effective nature, and its durability. However, simply mentioning these benefits isn’t enough. It is important to quantify these benefits against alternative construction methods. Therefore, this article will have a detailed discussion on…

How to Install & Level Precast Concrete Steps?

November 22nd, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Precast concrete steps have been a major trend for some time due to their several benefits. Unlike conventional concrete steps that require extensive molds, materials, working area, labor, and make a lot of mess, precast concrete steps are a low maintenance, ‘order and install’ wonder. For this reason, builders, architects, and homeowners often ask ‘how…

Is Precast Concrete Sustainable?

November 18th, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Precast concrete have turned out to be a miracle material for builders due to the countless new possibilities it has opened up. Due to the wide popularity of precast concrete, a major question that comes up is ‘are precast concrete slabs sustainable building materials?’ Discussing the sustainability of precast concrete, or of any other materials…

What is Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and its Applications

September 22nd, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Recent architectural and structural innovations have produced construction materials with incredible strength and durability properties. Many versions of steel and concrete elements are used in the construction process. One of the major innovations is Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). In this article, you will learn about UHPC, what it is, and why it is better…

What is Natural Stone?

September 20th, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Modern architecture calls for materials that are the merger of strength and aesthetics. When it comes to exterior applications such as flooring, paneling, or countertops, the material should be strong to handle the usage conditions and visually appealing to improve the interiors. Natural stone has been the material of choice in this regard for many…

Cost of Precast Concrete Steps

August 17th, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

Concrete steps, concrete stairs, or a precast concrete staircase makes an attractive addition to any home or office. They have become popular when people add exterior stairs for business or residential premises.  Concrete steps tend to be chosen because they’re very durable. Concrete stairs can withstand heavy traffic and exposure to harsh weather. If pouring…

How Much Does Precast Concrete Cost?

August 17th, 2022By: Daniel Arkin

How Much Does Precast Concrete Cost? Part of the planning process for any construction project is determining how much everything will cost. When you know the cost of precast concrete compared with poured-in-place concrete, you can be more accurate with your budget. Many factors can affect the cost of precast concrete, such as the type…

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