15 Advantages of Precast Concrete Stairs & Steps

15 Advantages of Precast Concrete Stairs & Steps

It is without a doubt that stairs can be difficult to build. This is why most construction companies tend to use precast concrete products. There are a lot of benefits and advantages of precast concrete, including ease of use, reduced labor costs, and it also saves time.

So, if you are thinking of choosing precast concrete stairs, we will be looking at all the ways they can make your job easier and more fun.

What are precast concrete stairs?

A precast concrete staircase is a cost-efficient, fire-resistant, and safe solution made with very stable construction material. Precast concrete stairs posted to a job site and installed in a building can be either individual steps or straight monobloc units with landings.

Additionally, they also provide construction workers with the ability to take on custom orders since the precast concrete construction is done in a controlled factory environment before being shipped to the work site. The installation services can be utilized to install the precast concrete staircases.

What are the advantages of using precast concrete stairs?

These are the advantages of precast concrete staircases you can expect by incorporating them into your building project.

Quick installation

Reduced access can be a costly thing in your building. But that is not the case with precast concrete stairs. This is because they can be installed easily and quickly, which in turn would minimize the reduced access time.

Immediately after installing the concrete stairs, it can be used to move workers and materials to different floors.

Saves construction time

With precast steps, you don’t have to worry about project delay as the construction saves time. Also, the precast concrete casting can be done at the same time as other jobs on the worksite. This means that you don’t have to wait for the concrete to be cast before moving on to other things.


Precast stairs are cost-effective because, unlike other materials, they have a very simplified construction process. Thanks to this process, there is improved safety, quality, and productivity. It also reduces the time taken to complete the job, thereby lowering the costs. They are very convenient and less costly than the traditional method of wood framing.

Beautiful customized designs

Since the concrete stairs are made in a controlled factory environment, it means that they can be constructed with a variety of textures and color combinations. You can also choose between a wide range of sizes and shapes with a smooth finish. This means that you can let your imagination run wild as you design your stairs.

Highly durable

The durability of a precast concrete staircase is astonishing. They have a longer service period and maintenance is rarely needed. Precast concrete stairs are highly durable and resistant to dust accumulation, impact, corrosion, and acid attack, and also reduce surface voids.

Longer lifespan

Precast concrete stairs have immense durability, which means you will not be needing replacement for a long time. These concrete stairs are less likely to decompose and release gases, toxic fumes, or other harmful components. Furthermore, if you have precast stairs installed, they will be able to withstand hot and cold climates and are less likely to quickly erode.

Require little maintenance

Precast stairs are low maintenance and you will most likely not need to repair your concrete stairs. Even if the need to repair your concrete stairs arises, there are plenty of affordable ways it can be achieved. Thanks to this, your precast stairs will remain sturdy and look fresh for a good number of years.

Environmentally friendly

Precast concrete stairs are so much more beneficial to the environment. Precast concrete stairs don’t use as many materials as pour-in concrete. It can even be manufactured using recycled concrete.

Utilizing precast steps means there would be less dust during installation thereby lowering the risk of asthma or allergy attacks.


With precast stairs, you get more control over your structures and design. This means that the construction can be tweaked to your liking and fitted exactly to your building. There are different applications to installing your stairs. You can choose to tie it directly to the concrete floors or using with steel framed structures.

Require less labor force

When it comes to labor efficiency, precast concrete comes out on top. Since most of the work is done in a factory, there is no need for much labor as the machinery and tools have done that for you. This is why using concrete stairs during a construction project takes less time.

Provides more safety to the whole construction project

The safety of your project is increased thanks to the other features of concrete stairs like steady nature, extended lifetime, and durability. You can rest assured that people can use the building in a risk-free and safe manner. There are lots of safety measures that make it able to withstand unstable terrain, unsteady footing, and other calamities.

Fire Resistant

Precast concrete stairs are resistant to fire which means that they can be used in stairwells and fire exits. It is a very important material to have in your building as it will not catch fire in addition to limiting the spread from one room to the other.

Great scalability for both residential and commercial constructions

While precast concrete stairs are utilized in large constructions, it does not dispute their usefulness in smaller-scale projects. It doesn’t matter the project you are working on, using concrete stairs ensures you benefit from its excellent scalability.

Quality-controlled in-house manufacturing

Premier Precast provides you with multiple choices for precast concrete stairs and steps, constructed with the best materials and handled by the best craftsmen. If you are looking for the best option for precast staircases, be sure to place your order with Premier Precast.

Get the steps delivered right to your door

Once the concrete stairs have been fully fabricated, you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Then it can be installed without much hassle.

Are precast concrete steps better than poured-in-place steps

Precast stairs are different from poured-in steps and while they both have their strong points, you still need to decide on which to use for your project.

With precast concrete stairs, there is no project delay as you don’t need to wait for the perfect weather before installing. This is because they are made in a controlled environment. They can be installed quickly and designed to the exact build fit. You can get structural materials of high load-bearing capacity and strength by utilizing precast concrete.

Precast concrete stairs also give you loads of flexibility as you can choose to use projecting reinforcement to have the stairs tied directly to the concrete floors or you can make use of steel framed structures.

On the other hand, pour concrete also has its benefits. Established contractors are more familiar with this method and can troubleshoot any issues that come up during installation. These stairs can be repaired easily.


The precast staircase is now the more popular option when it comes to carrying out a building project. The precast stairs range from basic designs to more sophisticated custom options.

There are a whole bunch of advantages of precast concrete stairs and it will be the right choice for project managers to incorporate this building material to speed up the build process.

Daniel Arkin
Daniel Arkin
Daniel is a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management. Daniel has introduced several advanced production techniques as Director of Operations for Premier Precast to insure Premier Precast is always on the cutting edge with our precast concrete manufacturing. Premier Precast under Daniel pioneered the use of UHPC in the US into the manufacturing of complex agricultural shapes to be used in a buildings design.

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