Natural Stone

Natural Stone

At Premier Precast, we have detailed knowledge and experience with all aspects of natural stone, including design, procurement, cutting, profiling, importing and installing. When you want to lend an air of substance, luxury, and timelessness to an architectural appointment, stone quarried from the earth is the most striking choice. Naturally!

Premier Precast’ owner and president, Gary Arkin, developed a high level of expertise in natural stone during his tenure as the owner’s representative on a $45 million residence that used natural stone exclusively for both exterior and interior architectural detailing. Mr. Arkin traveled the globe selecting stone direct from quarries for fabrication and oversaw the manufacturing process in third-world countries to ensure the highest level of quality.

The craftsmen at Premier Precast work with a wide array of natural-cut stone: Florida Keystone, Florida Oolite, Dominican Coralina, Mexican Macedonia, Mexican Coquina, Virginia Ledgerock, Spanish Shell Reef … and many others.

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Natural Stone