Precast Concrete Panels

Premier Precast is a wet-cast factory with design expertise in precast concrete panels. We can produce textures, colors, surface aesthetics, shapes, angles, and designs limited only by the imagination of our precast concrete design team!

We provide a turnkey solution from custom design to installation of architectural precast panels designed for cladding office buildings, parking garages, condominiums, or other buildings.

Premier Precast is ready to be YOUR complete architectural precast concrete panel solution! Our designers look forward to discussing your design objectives and building an exceptional relationship with you to create exceptional projects!

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Precast Concrete Panels

How Does Precast Concrete Panels Work?

These architectural panels are a type of construction material used in commercial and residential building projects. The panels are made by pouring concrete into a mold, where it is left to cure.

Once cured, the panel can be removed and installed on the exterior of a building. These architectural precast concrete wall panels are an increasingly popular choice for architects and builders because they offer significant cost savings over other materials.

Architectural Precast Concrete Panels
Architectural Precast Concrete Panels

Advantages for engineers and architects

Their many benefits make them ideal for parking garages and office buildings and other similar buildings.

  • Precast panels offer superior tensile strength, durability, and versatility without any need for steel reinforcing.
  • The panels can be manufactured in a wide range of colors other than gray cement and finished to suit the specific aesthetic requirements of any project.
  • It is easier to control color range, finish quality, and textures, resulting in cleaner site work.
  • These architectural panels offer architects an attractive, durable, and cost-effective solution.


There are many different types of precast panels to use in a variety of applications, including:

Exterior Wall Panels Icon
Exterior Wall Panels
Can be panelized or integrally colored and available in several different finishes.
Facades Icon
The panels can provide a variety of looks, including stone, brick, or stucco finishes.
Structural Members Icon
Structural Members
The panels can also be used as structural members in a building, and designed to support loads and provide a high level of fire resistance.

Additional project benefits of precast panels

  • Speedier construction and shorter time on site
  • Reduced costs for propping and scaffolding
  • Cost savings on site labor
  • Reduce storage needs for plant and materials on site

Types of Architectural Precast Concrete Panels We Offer

Architectural Precast Concrete Panels
Faceted precast panels in gray

Our industry-leading reputation and unrivaled experience make us the number one choice for architectural concrete panels! We specialize in the small-scale production of architectural precast panels.Most manufacturers gear towards large-scale production, maximizing the number of casts and square footage produced per form.

In contrast, we focus on smaller volume production featuring unique and technically challenging precast panels. The type of panels many other manufacturers of precast concrete products would rather avoid.

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to optimize our design versatility and finely tuned concrete mix designs honed in our long-established cast stone products.

Why Use Premier Precast to Source Precast Concrete Panels for Your Next Project?

We are a Producer Member of the Architectural Precast Association (APA). And we ensure that our architectural precast panels and GFRC products conform to the most stringent APA specifications, guidelines, and industry standards.Our personnel is also certified as Batch Plant Operator, Quality Control Technician (Level I), and Quality Control Manager (Level II).

Premier Precast is unique in the State of Florida – we are committed to superior architectural quality and accredited by the CSI and APA.

We have unique architectural precast concrete and GFRC product lines combined with cast stone products. What makes us the best choice?

Do you need more information or details about how Premier Precast can add value to your project? Call us We’re here to help!

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  • State-of-the-art computer-operated Skako architectural systems production facilities
  • Years of experience providing custom precast panels for architectural projects
  • Unrivaled ability to produce a vast array of precast components and unique shapes
  • Ability to match slight color variations in existing building cement color for a superior finished product
  • Award-winning architectural precast concrete manufacturing and project team
  • In-house architectural precast concrete panel manufacturing process
  • We produce all our architectural precast forms, including form liners
  • Other architectural precast panel manufacturers seek our expertise to produce form liners for them
  • Dedicated project manager for each client

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