Repair and Restoration of Historically Important Stone Fountains

Repair and Restoration of Historically Important Stone Fountains

Premier Precast is a leader in the field of cast stone restoration. There are two distinct aspects to cast stone restoration.  1) Restoration of damage caused by water intrusion as buildings and elments age and 2) Restoration and replacement of historical stone elements.

Below are three of our most recent historical stone restoration projects.

1. Bradley Park Beautification, Palm Beach

fountain restorationThis park was originally donated to the city of Palm Beach by Colonel Bradley, restoration was completed in December 2017. The restoration included repairs to the fountain, replacement of the sculptural finial and addition of a gazebo. More fountain restoration is due at a later date. Read about the opening of the restored fountain & park.

The finial lady at the top of this fountain was broken and the piece was sculpted in clay by our team of in-house artisans from which a new mold made.

2. Mizner Fountain Restoration, Palm Beach

mizner cast stone fountain restorationPremier Precast in conjunction with Clifford Restoration repaired this historical cast stone fountain in Palm Beach.  

3. Boca Raton Resort , Boca Raton

Hurrican Irma damaged this fountain in August 2017. This fountain was made of natural stone. Premier Precast, using the decaying natural stone elements of the original fountain, created rubber molds to cast historically accurate replacement elements with a longer useful life.


Daniel Arkin
Daniel Arkin
Daniel is a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management. Daniel has introduced several advanced production techniques as Director of Operations for Premier Precast to insure Premier Precast is always on the cutting edge with our precast concrete manufacturing. Premier Precast under Daniel pioneered the use of UHPC in the US into the manufacturing of complex agricultural shapes to be used in a buildings design.

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