Cast Stone Samples

Cast Stone Samples

Order cast stone samples to be shipped to you free on this page. Just fill out the sample order form below so we know what samples to send to you.

Each Sample is a 4″ x 4″ square three quarter inches thick. If you would like a special size please call us.

Our concrete colors are made with integral iron oxide colors that comply with the cast stone institutes color  guidance for cast stone.

Our cast stone samples are available in two textures: keystone which is like an imitation coral stone and limestone which the finish of natural limestone or natural sandstone.  This finish is achieved by acid washing the surface of the cast stone after it has been produced. This exposes our specially selected fine aggregates to look very similar to limestone or sandstone.

Please note most colors and textures also apply to architectural precast concrete products. Premier Precast is a certified Producer Member of the APA and complies with ASTM C1364 in the state of Florida.

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    cast stone samples 3 square concrete pieces shipped to you

    Cast Stone Sample Images

    These images are just a few examples, and the color may appear different on your screen. We suggest that you order samples to get a true idea of color.

    We have 12 stock colors we have found to be the most popular. However, we can make custom colors to suit your project

    Our Stock cast stone color names:

    • Antique Terracotta
    • Buff
    • Crema
    • French Provincial
    • Jerusalem Stone
    • Mystique
    • Neutral Beige
    • PSW-2
    • PSW-8
    • Taupe
    • Tuscan Light
    • Vintage Gray
    • White