ASTM C1364

ASTM C1364

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ASTM C1364 is a standard Standard Specification for Architectural Cast Stone that was originally approved in 1997. This standard has requirements that must be met to ensure good quality of the cast stone.

Cast Stone requirements in ASTM C1364 are:

  •  Compressive Strength – ASTM C1194: 6,500 psi minimum for products at 28 days
  • Absorption – ASTM C1195 of 6% maximum by the cold water method
  • Air Content – ASTM C173 or C 231, for wet cast product shall be 4-8% for units exposed to freeze-thaw environments. Air entrainment is not required for VDT products
  • Freeze-thaw – ASTM C1364: of less than 5% after 300 cycles of freezing and thawing. Of note is that Cast Stone is the only product with a freeze thaw requirement that must be met by all manufacturers.

The Construction Specifications Institute masterformat code for cast stone products is 04 72 00